Sugo, you had me at Pizza!

We fell in love at our first Pizza bite… 🍕

Last Thursday, we wandered around Amsterdam to take new pictures of cool places in De Pijp area. We managed to visit the places that we had on our list after a couple of hours thanks to the Flamyngo app. We walked through the Ferdinand Bolstraat and stopped by this cosy pizza place called Sugo.

We were greeted by this friendly lady named Kristel. She was super lovely, she showed us around and we took several pictures that are Instagram-worthy! Sugo is specialised in making Pizza Al Taglio, which is usually made in large rectangular trays and served in square slices. One of the most important ingredients that Sugo pays attention to is the dough (it’s all about the dough). They use organic, protein-rich sourdough bread combined with high-quality veggie, cheese or meat for the toppings. Sounds amazing right? 😋

Interior restaurant of Sugo pizza in de pijp Amsterdam


The place itself is spacious but cosy. They did well in designing the interior decor. We had so much fun talking with Kristel. She recommended her favourite pizza, which is the caramelised onion with walnut, olive and mascarpone cheese. It was super delicious! We also tried the Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil which was very fresh 👌🏻.

the best restaurant in amsterdam de pijp area sugo pizza

Caramelized walnut honey pizza from Sugo

Sugo is conscious with a sustainable well-being, so they play an active role by picking their resources carefully. The meat that they use comes from a small-scale production in Italy whilst the ingredients used in the food and beverages that they serve are all organic and fair trade. We had an extra salmon pizza to go and they packed it in a recycled cardboard box. We like!

If you crave a delicious bite or if you simply have a passion for pizza then we definitely recommend you to pay Sugo a visit. The pizza is super light, super tasty and super satisfying. We really enjoyed our small little photo shoot trip in De Pijp. The Flamyngo App has made wandering around Amsterdam easy as it comes with a very handy offline map – so…… download our app and make the best out of your city trip. Shameless self-promotion for the moment!

Greetings from Sugo: with love from Rome ❤️



Amsterdam: Ferdinand Bolstraat 107   |   Rotterdam: Aert van Nesstraat 20