Satisfy your travel addiction through Bali

We’re in a flip-flop state of mind 🌴

We are not going to complain about the weather! But we can’t wait for the summer to come so we can smell the mist of seawater. Bali has become one of the absolute destinations that most people put on their bucket-list, and yes, the beautiful island may be filled with tourists but Bali is one of the few islands that still practice their great ancient cultures. Despite the strong traditions that they still hold, Bali has evolved in its own unique way. This makes Bali a great holiday destination! We are ecstatic to share our favourite spots in Bali that are definitely not tourist traps (Psst, one of the team members of Flamyngo is a native Indonesian, and she knows her way around Bali).

1. Woobar / W Hotel


From sunrise to sunset, Woobar is a beautiful bar that overlooks the Indian Ocean. They offer you an extensive range of cocktails and yummy bites. This bar is bursting with great energy and it’ll turn your cranky mood around in case you have any. Woobar is located inside the W Hotel, which again is a striking yet luxurious retreat in Seminyak. Even if you are not staying in the hotel, we still recommend you to chill and hang out at Woobar (their Piña colada is terrific) 🍹

2. Revolver Espresso

Ok! Now it’s time for a caffeine boost. Revolver is a cosy cafe that serves organic custom blend coffee and scrumptious food. Tourists and locals love this place. The interior itself is very unique, we were in awe when we saw the pink walls that are painted with soft flowers.

revolver cafe bali seminyakPhoto Credit

They did a good job in designing the coffee cup, which shows that they really pay attention to the details. As for the food, we really recommend you to try the Pistol Whip, which is a tiramisu hot cake served with berries, maple syrups and ice cream!

3. Sisterfields

Sisterfields is Bali’s favourite hang-out spot. This Australian-styled restaurant is located in a chic area of Seminyak, where you can jump right into the beautiful ocean afterwards. Sisterfields aims to bring the love of good food and coffee to the heart of Seminyak in order to cater the locals and travellers’ food addiction.

Acai bowl from sisterfields bali

The food? It’s delicious! We tried the classic Acai berry bowl and it’s absolutely refreshing. People also rave about their French toast and maple roasted pumpkin. Yum yum yum. Another plus for this place is the beautiful and airy interior decor, very chic and Instagram-worthy.

4. Ubud Hanging Garden

Ubud Hanging garden baliPhoto Credit

Prepare yourself to be star-struck by the beauty of Ubud Hanging Garden. We particularly love the infinity pool, which is built on top of a jungle. It’s amazing and breathtaking. The vibe is very peaceful and relaxing, and they give immaculate spa services that exceed expectations. It’s fair to say that this place can be called “Heaven on Earth”.

5. Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner)

It’s time to dig into Bali’s finest culinary: Balinese crispy duck! Bebek Bengil is one of the best restaurants to eat traditional Balinese crispy duck. It’s very delicious and tasty. A must-go when you are in Ubud. The restaurant offers you a rather peaceful ambience as it overlooks a beautiful rice field. The overall experience was very enjoyable and you should definitely pay Bebek Bengil a visit – especially during lunch or dinner. Now get ready to stuff your face with amazing food and don’t forget to say “Selamat Makan!” 🇮🇩, which means “Enjoy your meal” in Indonesian.

bebek bengil maliPhoto Credit

6. Tirta Empul Temple

If you want to experience the religious Balinese culture, we recommend you to visit the Tirta Empul Temple. Tirta Empul is a Hindu Balinese water temple where the Hindus go for ritual purification. The worshippers usually go into the waters and pay their respects to the fountains. Sounds intense right? It’s always good to learn about a completely different culture, it’ll definitely be an amazing experience for you. The architecture of the temple is also mesmerising.


7. Kou Cuisine

Kou Cuisine is a great shop on Bali that sells homemade jam and sea salt. This is definitely one of our favourite shops on Bali since all of the jam and sea salt are locally made. The ingredients they use are freshly picked from various islands on Bali and Java: they taste a-ma-zing! Our favourites are the Milk Caramel and Strawberry Banana Jam 🍓.

kou cuisine homemade jamPhoto Credit

8. El Kabron

El Kabron is a Spanish restaurant that is located 50m above sea level on one of the beautiful cliffs of Uluwatu. The view is simply breathtaking. People rave about their attentive service, delicious tapas and terrific ambience. We recommend you to make a reservation if you wish to lounge at the VIP pool. It’s definitely a treat.

el kabron baliPhoto Credit

There are more great places that you should definitely visit in Bali. If you’re looking for a gift, go to the Sukowati Market. If you love rides and roller coasters, Waterbom Bali is the place to go! If you’re craving for good Mexican food, Motel Mexicola serves one of the best quesadillas in town. The list is endless!

Therefore, download our Bali guide so you can have a complete list of places that you can’t possibly miss in Bali 🎉. If you’re looking for some sort of inspirations from someone who is living a legit island life, we recommend you to check We Like Bali. Pris and Eve from We Like Bali write great stories about their life in paradise.