Life of Sushito: The Newest Poke Bowl/Sushi Burrito in Amsterdam

Sushito – Fresh to Death 🌴

Once upon a time, Sushito was born. It started out as a soul-searching and self-discovery phase: a Mexican, Japanese and Hawaiian man got together and created magic in the form of poké bowl and decided to bring it’s vibrant magic to Amsterdam. Yes, Sushito is the newest poké bowl and sushi burrito place in Amsterdam – and believe us when we say it’s super delicious.

the newest sushi burrito and poke bowl in Amsterdam de pijp

Sushito has just opened their store this February and we were lucky enough to be invited during their influencers meetup to devour their delicious poké bowl(s) – yes, it’s plural. Wondering how this concept actually works? First, you need to choose the base: it can either be a poké bowl with rice, quinoa, salad or a sushi burrito. Both are suuuper delicious. Second, you can opt for a generated menu or build your own bowl by choosing your own protein and toppings. The last step is for us to get saucy with their ooey gooey sauces: twisted cocktail sauce, wasabi mayo sauce, teriyaki sauce and much more 🍚.

healthy ingredients of sushito sushi burrito poke bowl amsterdam

The number of fresh ingredients that they have is overwhelming – in a good way of course. Salmon, tuna, seaweed, mango, anything you name it. To avoid the temptation of putting every single topping on our bowl, we decided to choose from the menu instead. One tip: put extra soy sauce on top of your bowl/ roll to complete the whole flavour.

Poke Bowl of Sushito Amsterdam De pijp with salmon

Creamy Bomb

Poke salad of sushito de pijp

Salmon Fiesta

The interior itself is pretty simple, yet still Instagram worthy. Sushito encourages us to roll with them on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag them and use the #FreshToDeath hashtag. As a matter of fact, we are a big fan of their neon “Fresh To Death” sign and palm-tree cushions. It goes very well with the Hawaiian heritage of Sushito. Love it.

It is currently around 0 degrees here in Amsterdam and we completely understand if you start to long for a good vacation. Are you thinking about the paradise in Hawaii, culinary adventure in Mexico or cultural experience in Japan? You can take the baby step by visiting Sushito. Then again, Sushito make “miso” happy 😬

blogger party at sushito de pijp amsterdam

Merrith van den Bosch in sushito depijp amsterdam


Sushito Amsterdam

Eerste van der Helststraat 74