Thank Me Later

Our Flamyngo friend Aida Shojaee discovered Thank Me Later, a brand from Bali which develops and sells sunscreen based on natural products. We love this brand so we decided to meet up with Aida in Bali to find out more about her and Thank Me Later.

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Aida was born in the Netherlands with Persian roots and now stays in Ibiza but spends a lot of time in Bali where she discovered the brand. She currently works as an international model and entrepreneur and has a passion for travelling, and is of course a user of the Flamyngo app. Don’t miss out on her Bali guide! 🌴

As a model Aida uses cosmetics on a daily basis but could never find a sunscreen in Europe based on natural products. This was a driving force for her to create her own sunscreen and bring it overseas. Since May 2017 Thank Me Later is available in Europe and we’re very excited about that.

What was your inspiration and motivation to start develop your own sunscreen?

”My biggest motivation behind Thank Me Later is the importance of choosing a natural product to protect you while sunbathing. Living in a tropical place made me realize how important it actually is to take care of your body and skin.”

Please tell us more about the concept, we’d love to hear.

Thank Me Later can be used on a daily basis, because it’s packed with coconut and almond oil, aloe vera extract and vitamin E, so you can use it as a daily moisturizer too. That is what is so great about it, it offers you 2 in 1 product. The formula is extremely light and non-greasy, it smells delicious, and contains no paraffin or parabens, no mineral oil or colorants. The tubes are also made from recycled plastic – what’s not to love?” ❤️


Many people don’t know that the ultraviolet rays are still damaging on cloudy days…

”That’s right! It’s a common misconception, many people think they only need to use sunscreen on a hot and sunny day, for example when they go to the beach but this is absolutely not true and a big mistake. Using a moisturizer with sun protecting factor (SPF) should be a year-round beauty bag essential.”

What brought you to Bali?

”My partner is a surfer and has been going to Bali for the past 20 years. He is the one that made me fall in love with the spiritual and cultural vibe that this beautiful island has to offer. Now I just love spending time here. Most of the year I live in between Bali and Ibiza, I guess I was born to live near the beach, sun and sea.”

Like us, you have a passion for travel, do you have a favorite destination?

”I’ve seen so many beautiful places that I simply can’t choose one in particular. Let me put it this way, I’m in LOVE with the world.”


Aida, we couldn’t agree more! What’s the most impressive place you’ve ever been to?

”The country where my parents come from, Iran. It’s so beautiful and special. A lot of people nowadays don’t know anything about it but it’s the most impressive place I’ve ever been to. The culture is amazing, very special architecture and of course the Persian history is so rich. What most people don’t even know is that Iran has different seasons and you can even go skiing or surfing. Oh, and not to forget, the food is outstanding!

What is your next destination?

”Cuba! Can’t wait!”

Oh, by the way, what was the main reason you started using Flamyngo?

”Because I travel a lot, my friends usually ask me where to go and what to do while going on vacation. Flamyngo is the perfect tool to collect and share all my favo hotspots; shops, coffee places, beaches etc. It’s super easy and fun to use, and above all I really love the layout!”

Thank Me Later does not only explain why certain ingredients are used but also how you should protect yourself in the sun. They’re truly genuine about their products and we really cannot stress that enough, just Thank Me Later! 😜

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